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2405 South Shepherd, Houston, TX 77019.     TEL: 713-529-8332.

2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030.     TEL: 713-666-5667. 

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                Acupuncture for quit smoking, stop smoking, infertility, fertility, male serm count, poor eggs quality, IVF/IUI, hormonal imbalance, age,  etc.

Acupuncture Houston TX - West Holcombe Clinic Acupuncture Houston TX - South Shepherd Clinic
acupuncture houston tx west holcombe clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at 2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX@ the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner. 7136665667 acupuncture houston tx south shepherd dr. clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at South Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX@ the corner of Westheimer Drive and next to the KFC. This location has been servicing Houston for more than18 years.
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The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower CornerTEL: 713-666-5667.
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Acupuncture Houston TX-South Shepherd Clinic
TEL: 713-529-8332.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine help
stop smoking and quit smoking/ addiction/ drinking
Acupuncture promotes will power and reduces stress

   Wen-Lung Wu, M.S., L. Ac., PHD as Doctor of Medicine in China
Jo-Mei Chiang, B.S. LAc., Master of Medicine (China)
Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic, Houston, Texas.



Gary W., Accountant (age 56)


I’d been smoking 5 years when Andrew first treated me for the 2nd time in 1989 with acupuncture to help me quit smoking, he asked me why I picked up another cigarette after stopping only for 6 hours the first time. He was incredulous when I told him that my destiny was to smoke for 21 years, just like my Dad, but that being able to remember what it was like to be a non-smoker, even for just 6 hours was wonderful.

So, for the next 16 years, Andrew and Jannie treated me, adding needle treatments for sinusitis and bronchial problems with herbal oils and herbs. And while they did get a bit frustrated with my inability to stay off cigarettes, they never became angry or went over the line; they stayed supportive and hopeful the whole time, even when I suffered from the most rancid breath ever, a strong allergic response to smoking.

Whenever I’d suffer from stress problems and my smoking went up from 11 cigarettes to a pack or a pack-and-a half (1120, 30) a day, I’d come see them, get acupuncture, and drop back down to a 9-11 a day. And the relaxation benefits of needling lasted me at least 3 days, improving my home and work life.

I finally quit smoking August 13, 2005 at 8:20am, after seriously planning the event for a year. Over a 3 week period, I cut the number of cigarettes down and down, I took off a couple of days from work, did some yoga and lots of deep breathing, and then got acupuncture, kept my hands in my lap, took a bit of aspirin, did a lot more deep breathing, smoked my last one, and didn’t buy any more ever again. Smoking impulses came and went as chemical processes rebalanced themselves. Retraining the hand-mouth neural pathways was very challenging, as was throwing away cigarette lighters. I went on a week long vacation to Missouri to break free from the patterns associated with work, convenience store, etc. I developed tools of the imagination to help free me from the smoking burden, like imagining a Samurai Warrior in front of me with a sword parrying away, defending me against, and rejecting unhealthy thoughts…bap, bap, bap, just like I did when I was a child.

And more than a year later, the smoking impulse still occasionally hits, but the smokers’ areas outside my building stinks worse and worse, and the attraction continues to lessen.

My body loved the way acupuncture made it feel from the very first time. Meditative, forced to be still. Attentive to relaxation responses and breath releases. Aligned inside and outside. Like 2 yoga sessions back to back. Or a couple of hours of massage. Nice, very nice.


Acupuncture quit smoking treatments help:

  1. reduce the craving of cigarettes,

  2. detoxify the body and improve the allergy and immune system

  3. enhance the will power and calm the anxiety and stress of quitting.

  4. improve the metabolism to prevent weight gain.

Smoking is harmful to the health.  It may cause various disease, especially for lungs. Smoking it not only threaten the health for the smokers and also affect the others, so called second hand smokers.

With various reasons people developed smoking habit, such as stress, anxiety, depression, to lose weight, or just simply bad habit, etc.

Most people failed to stop smoking because the side symptoms of breaking the smoking habit, for example, nausea, nervousness, anxiety, panic attack, extreme emotional change, insomnia, etc.

Acupuncture has proven very effective in helping people to quit smoking. Our program consists of acupuncture treatments plus herbs. We insert needles in the body and ear. After each treatment, we may place "seed needles" in one ear, and instruct the patient to press the seeds quite hard to relax the diaphram and reduce the desire to smoke.

Frequently, with nervous smokers, we may recommend herbs to calm the mind.

Of course, we do not guarantee your success, but our percentage rate of smokers who quit and remain free of the addiction is quite high. Many people are able to greatly reduce or quit after only one treatment, but our experience is that it is very easy to pickup the habit again within a couple of weeks. This is why we recommend a minimum of three treatments, with herbs.

The first few days after the initial treatment are crucial to quitting. If the desire to smoke becomes unbearable during this period, we recommend you call us immediately for an appointment for acupuncture.

Excess coffee and alcohol play a part in the smoking addiction, and we recommend that smokers seriously consider cutting down or stopping this use also to facilitate their quitting smoking.

Acupuncture points for stop smoking:

Body acupuncture:

Zhu san Li (St 36), Her Gu (LI 4), Lie Que (LU 7), San Yin Jiao (Sp 6), Nei Quan

Ear acupuncture points for quit smoking:

            Lung, Mouth, heart, trachea, endocrine, etc.

Chinese herb formulas for quit smoking:

Tian Wan Bu Xin Tong, Chiao Hu Jiao Long Gu Mu Li Tong, Su Zi Jiang Qi San, Xiao Ching Lung Tong, etc.


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
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1. South Shepherd Clinic Location:
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2. West Holcombe Clinic Location:
  2431 West Holcombe @Kirby (between Kirby and Fannin Street), Houston, TX77030.
The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner. 7136665667 
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