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2405 South Shepherd, Houston, TX 77019.     TEL: 713-529-8332.

2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030.     TEL: 713-666-5667. 

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                Acupuncture for infertility/fertility, male serm count, poor eggs quality, IVF/IUI, hormonal imbalance, age,  etc.

Acupuncture Houston TX - West Holcombe Clinic Acupuncture Houston TX - South Shepherd Clinic
acupuncture houston tx west holcombe clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at 2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX @ the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner. The clinic is ***not cross the street or next to the Whole Food Market. acupuncture houston tx south shepherd dr. clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at South Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX@ the corner of Westheimer Drive and next to the KFC. This location has been servicing Houston for more than18 years.
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The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner
TEL: 713-666-5667.
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Acupuncture Houston TX-South Shepherd Clinic
TEL: 713-529-8332.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine help get pregnant, egg quality, high FSH, low progersterone, support IVF, IUI and fertility.

  Wen-Lung Wu, M.S., L. Ac., PHD as Doctor of Medicine in China

Jo-Mei Chiang, B.S. L. Ac. Master of Medicine (China)

   Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic, Houston, Texas. 

Diet, habits and infertility


A balanced diet, proper amount of exercise and positive attitude are the must for fertility.



A balanced healthy diet is the foundation of our health.  It is also essential for the infertility.  Because of the increasing environmental toxicity, poor nutrients value from daily food supply, too much junk food, fatty food and preservative around us, all resulted in mass increases of reproductive problems and degenerative diseases. I often advise patients that it is necessary to follow the right diet plan and reverse these conditions as possible.


A balanced diet, proper amount of exercise and positive attitude are the must for fertility. 


A professional Chinese medicine practitioner is able to diagnosis the internal imbalance and recommends a proper individual dietary plan for the patient.  Especially on the issue of infertility, not only the proper diet is essential for the women but also for their partners.  A healthy diet is not only can help to correct hormone imbalances, also crucial to a successful full term pregnancy and healthy baby.  Proper foods and drinks may increase the ability to conceive, verses can disable the fertility.


The following dietary guidelines are only the general recommendations, and your acupuncturist will give you more additional advice for your particular condition.


General Dietary Food Guidelines:


  • Adequate calories every day.  Averagely 2300 calories per day.
  • Carbohydrates occupied approximately 45 –55 % of the diet.  (or 1200 – 1400 calories per day)
  • Protein is about 14% of diet or 200 calories per day.
  • Sodium is 1000 – 3000 mg per day.
  • Fat is about 25 % or less of the diet or less than 400 calories per day. 
  • Drink plenty of water in room temperature or warmer not iced.
  • Consume or alkaline food than acidic diet.  Such as bean sprouts, peas, no fat milk, verses red meat or tea.  The acidity in the cervical mucus can inhibit sperm.
  • Food contains lots of vitamin E.  Such as nuts, eggs, which protect fatty tissue.  Fatty tissue is important for fertility.


Foods and things enhance fertility:


  • Prefer organic food than processed food.  For the organic food contains more nutrients than processed food.
  • Consume plenty of green vegetable and fruits every day.
  • Have adequate amount of protein every day from vegetables, white meat, fish, been sprouts, nuts, seeds.
  • Consume hormone free food.
  • Have plenty of water and fiber each day.
  • Food contains essential fatty acids, such as seeds, fish, legumes, fish, nuts, vegetable oil. The essential fatty acids stimulate the sex hormone productions.
  • Consume complex carbohydrates-whole grains, such as brown rice, oats, barley.
  • Drink enough water about 48 oz each day, in room temperature or warmer not iced.
  • Intake food containing vitamin E.  Vitamin E can help regulate the production of cervical mucus. Wheat germ is a great source of vitamin E.
  • Moderate amount of exercise every day.
  • Plenty of sleep.  It is suggested 7 to 8 hours of non-interrupted sleep for every one. 
  • Relaxation technique 10 to 15 minutes per day, such as meditation or deep breathing, etc.
  • Folic acid and vitamin B supplements are also suggested. Because the deficiencies lead to anemia that is associated with infertility. Folic acid is part of the family of B-complex that are important to generate the genetic materials DNA and RNA.  It is not sufficient to take folic acid only, because B vitamins are essential for the pre-conceptual period, too.  B6 can help conceiving, B12 can improve sperm counts.  Not only for the conceiving, but also for the baby’s genetic such as spina bifida, taking enough folic acid and B-complex together is necessary for both before and during pregnancy.



Foods and habits to avoid for infertility:


  • Alcohol             Research showed drinking alcohol can reduce the fertility by half.  Especially reduce the chance of conceiving.  It is also known from the research that alcohol decreases the sperm count and increases the abnormal sperm.  Alcohol forbids the body’s absorption of nutrients especially zinc, which is one the most essential minerals for male fertility.  Excessive alcohol increases the prolactin hormone that interrupts the menstrual cycle.


  • Caffeine.               More and more evidences showed caffeine, such as coffee, cola, tea, chocolate, etc. can reduce the chance of conceiving by half.  Research showed coffee also can increase the abnormalities of sperm, such as sperm count and motility. It is recommended that take no caffeine-containing food and drinks for at least three months before to trying to get pregnant.


  • Smoking.            It is believed that smoking is definitely associated with infertility in women.  Smoking may even cause early menopause that is critical for females’ fertility. Smoking reduces blood flow to the cervix and disables the action of cilia, which known the hairs in the fallopian tubes to lead eggs into the uterus. Since the over-all health and hormone balance are so important for the successful conception, smoking of course should be eliminated.
  • Drugs or medicines.
  • Sugar including juice, soda, sweets or artificial sweeteners.
  • Junk food, fatty food, fast food.
  • All flour, such as white bread, wheat bread, pasta.
  • Peanut butter.
  • All processed meats with nitrites and nitrates.
  • Raw food.  lightly cooked food is preferred.
  • Gluten.
  • Shellfish.
  • Red meat.
  • Chemicals, such as household cleaners, dyers, pesticides, paints, etc.
  • Excessive weight gain or loss.
  • Hot bath.              Especially before intercourse, the hot temperature would kill the sperms.
  • Stress                   Stress is a big negative influence for fertility both on male and female.  I always   closely watch this issue for my infertility patients. Please read the article about stress and infertility.
  • Tampons            Tampons can increase the chance of infection in vagina. It is known that vagina is an oxygen free condition that prevents the certain bacteria growth and infection. Tampon can easily trap air in the fiber plus holding the blood inside that creates a suitable environment for bacterial to generate.


Certainly, some of my patients argued with me even they followed the most of above guidelines, but still no success for fertility.  As I said, all above are common sense and the roots of our health.  Infertility is only one issue in your life on certain period of time, but poor diet, bad habits and wrong life style will create lots of other health issues for your whole lifetime.


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Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
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1. South Shepherd Clinic Location:
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2. West Holcombe Clinic Location:

  2431 West Holcombe @Kirby (between Kirby and Fannin Street), Houston, TX77030.
The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner
TEL: 713-666-5667.
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