acupuncture houston tx
acupuncture houston tx
acupuncture houston tx
acupuncture houston tx

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                   acupuncture for infertility, back pain, PMS, menopause, stress, allergy, migraine headache, endometriosis, neck/shoulder pain, smoking, weight, IVF/IUI, TMJ, tendonitis, arthritis,  depression, anxiety, insomnia,  face lift, quit smoking, etc. One of the oldest and best acupuncture clinics in Houston, TX


               Acupuncture for menopause treatment helps
             hot flash, hair loss, night sweats, osteoporosis,
             irregular menstruation forgetful, dry skin, libido.
  1. Acupuncture treats menopause and helps the following menopause symptoms:
    hot flashes, hair loss, night sweats, irregular periods, loss of libido, dry skin, vaginal dryness,
    fatigue, sleep disorders, insomnia, dizziness, weight gain, incontinence, bloating, allergy,
    breast pain, migraine, irritability, mood swings, joint pain, aching joint, gum diseases, itchy skin,
    brittle nails, nail cracks, cold flashes, infertility, hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, irregular periods,
    hair loss, weight, heart palpitation, vaginal dryness, forgetful, anxiety, depression, bone density loss,
    memory loss, panic disorder, irregular heart beat, muscle tension, ear ringing, high blood pressure,
    breast pain, stress, burning tongue, hair thinning, hormone imbalance, menstrual disorder,
    osteoporosis, facial hair increase. mental confusion, light headedness, lost balance, sudden tears,
    indigestion, clammy feeling.



Acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine for
menopause/ menopausal syndrome

 Acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine is a natural and effective approach to control the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, anxiety, depression, insomnia, night sweats, irregular periods, irritability, headache, hair loss, dry skin, mood swing, hormone imbalance, libido, vaginal dryness, decreased estrogen level, fatigue, incontinence, high blood pressure, weight gain, PMS, stiffness or joint pain, fibroid, heart palpitations, breast pain, bone density loss, forgetful, memory loss, ear ringing, etc.


 Chinese Medicine Houston


D. R.   menopause symptoms – night sweats and hot flashes. 

I also have had unstable blood pressure issues, with acupuncture and herb treatment now is 117/80 and 118/79.

Dr. Wu was first referred to me because I ankylosing spondalitis and was told he could help me with the stiffness in m neck.  I first started getting acupuncture treatments and started seeing a difference in my mobility almost from the first session.  After several treatments, Dr. Wu added herbs to my regiment.  First I started with herbs to treat menopause symptoms – night sweats and hot flashes.  After several weeks, the symptoms pretty much disappeared.  After 6 months, I went back to my gyneocogist with lab test, my female hormone is absolutely normal. I couldn’t believe! Now I have only occasional hot flashes and they are not severe, so I still take daily herbs for this.  I also had a dry cough for at least six months and tried traditional medicine – even asthma inhalers to expand the bronchial tubes; none of the traditional medicine worked.  So, I asked Dr. Wu if he could help me with this and he prescribed herbs and again I had almost immediate results.  Now I do not have the cough, which was probably due to allergies.  I also have had unstable blood pressure issues for quite some time and have been taking Altace and Toprol to keep the pressure stable and low; however it has not ever really been stable and goes up and down a lot.  Again I asked Dr. Wu if he could help me with this and am now taking herbs which have lowered my pressure to readings of 117/80 and 118/79. We are continuing to work on the blood pressure, but I have every confidence that as with all the other issues we have dealt with, this too will be controlled with herbs/diet and exercise.  When I first started seeing Dr. Wu, he said “Show me your tongue”  I did and it was a white and rough mess – so he started me on everyday herbs which I will continue to take and I am happy to say, my tongue is a healthy smooth, pink tongue.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wu, and have recommended him for healthcare—from acupuncture to herbs, in addition to or in place of Western medicine.

M. S.   The menopause symptoms severely affect my life, I felt horrible and depressed.

I had suffered menopause syndrome, such as hot flashes, insomnia, extreme mood swing, fatigue, etc.  Since I had breast cancer before, my doctor suggested me not taking any western medicine but highly recommended Chinese herbs. The menopause symptoms severely affect my life, I felt horrible and depressed.  I went to Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic to ask for help. The profession herb clinic makes specific formulas for patients.  After taking 10 days of herb treatment, my menopause symptoms about 70% gone. I am very pleased with the results. The acupuncturist Chiang prepared different formulas for me every week and detailed recorded my conditions. I felt confidently with her treatments.  I thank her to help me improve the quality of my life.


Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic provides a natural and unique alternative treatment for menopause by acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine to reduce and control the symptoms of menopause:

  • menstrual irregularities,
  • weight loss acupuncture houstonhot flashes, night sweats,
  • hair loss, fatigue,
  • dry skin, vagina dryness,
  • mood swings, irritability, depression, anxiety,
  • insomnia, headache,
  • palpitation,
  • memory loss,
  • poor concentration,
  • back pain, muscle tension,
  • bone density loss,
  • weight gain, craving for sweets or carbohydrates,
  • incontinence, lack of desire,
  • fibroid, breast tenderness, breast pain, PMS,

Not only to treat the symptoms of menopause, but also we combine the acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine to assist you a healthy lifestyle which including

  • moderate exercises,
  • balanced dietary habit and
  • stress reduction to harmonize patient’s physical and emotional conditions.

 Acupuncture & Chinese herb Medicine is a natural and effective approach for menopause.

Menopausal syndrome is a rite of passage for all women. Menopause means that the functionality of the ovaries is getting depleted, the function of the reproductive organs are ending. All the female reproductive organs and female sexual hormones are degenerating. Menopause technically is the period of stopping the menses or monthly cycles.  Menopause could occur at the age between 40 and 60, the average age is around 50.  Usually, this menopausal period lasts about one year. In 1994 the WHO suggested to use perimenopausal syndrome instead of menopausal syndrome, because then the definition of the title is clearer.

About 1/3 of women can adjust automatically by compensation of their neural and endocrine systems during the menopausal period, with very little or no subjective symptoms occurring. 2/3 of women would manifest a series of symptoms due to the female sexual hormone deficiency; such as menstrual irregularities, emotional swings (depression, anxiety), hot flushes, sweating, ear ringing, palpation, insomnia, swelling, dizziness, headache, muscle or joint pain, etc. All these symptoms are collectively called the Perimenopausal syndrome. The Perimenopausal syndrome usually occurs between the ages of 45-50. About 25% of the cases are severe. Damage to the ovaries through operations, such as surgical removal, or chemotherapy or radiation therapy can also hasten the arrival of the Perimenopausal syndrome.

The first symptoms are usually hot flashes, sweating, and emotional changes.

The hot flashes usually start from the front chest, upward to the head, neck, and face.  After sweating the hot flash disappeared. The length and frequency of the symptoms are varied, from a couple of seconds to several minutes, on and off several times a day. Irritability is the most common emotional change, easy to get angry or sad, loss of self-control of emotions. Besides the headache, dizziness, palpitation, insomnia, aches all over the body, irregular period, high blood pressure, etc also accompany the main symptoms.

At the later stage of menopause, there would occur itchiness, burning and dryness of the vagina, frequent urination, and incontinence, as well as dry and/or itchy skin.

The Perimenopausal syndrome should be differentiated from the illnesses of primary hypertension, angina and bladder infection.

Acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine performed a great help to eliminate the symptoms of Menopause by rejuvenating the endocrine systems to balance the hormone deficiency and lift the vast phases of menopausal syndrome.
Does acupuncture benefit menopause? Yes  More and more recent researches indicate that acupuncture is a natural, safe and effective approach to treat menopause. Especially for the women are the breast cancer survivors or under the radiation therapy or chemotherapy can benefit from acupuncture treatment greatly.

According to Chinese Medicine theory, menopause is due to the deficiency of Kidney yang and Kidney yin.

Etiology and Pathogenesis of Perimenopausal syndrome:

The Perimenopausal syndrome is usually due to several causes:

  • Decline of kidney Qi and blood,
  • The depletion of reproductive organs,
  • Deficiency of the conception vessels,
  • Lack of nourishment of kidney yang because of excessive sexual life, irregular frequent spotting in between menstrual periods, prolonged illnesses.

All the above reasons damage the kidney yang and Qi, eventually causing kidney yin deficiency and will interrupt functionality of other organs, such as the liver and heart.  When the kidney yang is deficient, the Qi and blood flow to circulate to the heart and liver would be reduced, causing both organs to be lacking in replenishment, diseases and symptoms then occurred.
Kidney deficiency is the cause of the Perimenopausal syndrome.  Either yang or yin deficiency, the treatment should always be based on kidney deficiency. If other organs are associated with the syndrome, then treat all together, but still the kidney is the major organ to be considered for ways of treatment.

Differentiation of syndromes 

1. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yang deficiency:

Before during and after the Perimenopausal period, the symptoms include dizziness, ear ringing, severe back pain, the pain are around the waist, knee pain, puffy face, edema on extremities, feeling cold all the time, aversion to cold, fatigue, irregular menstruation, frequent urination or incontinence, sudden bloody urine, loose stool, increasing €œthin secretion leukorrhea due to yeast infection. Flat and bulgy light color tongue with thin white coating. Pulse is slow and thin.

Treatment method: Warm and nourish the kidney Qi, support the kidney Yang.

2. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin deficiency:

Before during and after the Perimenopausal period, the symptoms include dizziness, tinnitus, hot flashes, sweating, aches and weakness in the knee and loins, irritability, insomnia, moodiness, dry mouth, irregular menstruation, and itchy skin. Tongue color is red, and the pulse is thin and fast.

Treatment method: Replenish kidney yin and strengthen the kidney yang.

3. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin plus heart and spleen deficiency:

Due to kidney yin deficiency, the kidney water does not enough circulate for the heart; excess heat would be generated then from the heart. The symptoms include palpitations, anxiousness, emotional mood swings, forgetfulness, dizziness, and insomnia.

Treatment method: Nourish the heart and calm the shen ( mind).

4. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin plus liver deficiency:

Due to kidney yin deficiency, the kidney blood is insufficient.  The liver therefore could not store enough blood and the extreme emotional change damages the harmony of liver qi and blood. The symptoms include hypochondriac pain, anxiety, depression, irritability, and extreme sensitivity. Tongue color is red with thin and yellow coating. Pulse is taut.

Treatment method: Smooth the liver and relieve the liver stress.  Nourish and regulate the liver qi and blood.

Chinese herb Treatment for menopause:

1.         Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yang deficiency:

            Chinese herb formula: Er shen tang, yao quai wan.

2.         Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin deficiency:

Chinese herb formula: liu wei de hung wan.

3.         Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin plus heart and spleen deficiency:

Chinese herb formula: Tian wang bu sin dan, quai pi tang.

4.         Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin plus liver deficiency:

Chinese herb formula: Tsai hou jia long gu mu li tang, xiao yao san.

Acupuncture treatment for menopause

A. Body acupuncture treatment for menopause:

1. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yang deficiency:

Acupuncture points selection: Taixi ( KI 3), Guanyuan ( CV 4), Zusanli ( ST 36), etc.

2.Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin deficiency:

Acupuncture points selection: Sanyinjiao ( SP 6), Zusanli ( ST36), etc.

3. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin plus heart and spleen deficiency:

Acupuncture points selection: Shenshu (BL 23), Shemmen ( HT 7), Sanyinjiao ( SP 6), etc.

4. Perimenopausal syndrome due to Kidney Yin plus liver deficiency:

Acupuncture points selection: Taichong ( LV 3), Zhaohai (KI 6), Sanyinjiao ( SP 6), etc.

B. Ear acupuncture treatment for menopause:

Shenmen, endocrine, ovary, liver spleen, kidney, heart , etc.

C. Electro acupuncture treatment for menopause:

Point selection is based on the body acupuncture points.

The Chinese herb and acupuncture treatment for menopause are modified by the patient’s conditions and improvements. Chinese medicine and acupuncture have been treating the female Perimenopausal syndrome for a long time and the results are great. Especially for patients who cannot take any synthetic hormone products, acupuncture and Chinese medicine should be the best choice.


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