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Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic
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Acupuncture in Houston, TX - Houston Acupuncture & Herb Clinic

2405 South Shepherd, Houston, TX 77019.     TEL: 713-529-8332.

2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX 77030.     TEL: 713-666-5667. 

We are one of the best, biggest, and oldest acupuncture clinics in Houston area.

                Acupuncture for sciatica, sciatic pain, Houston,TX - shoulder pain/headache/migraine/arthritis/TMJ/high blood pressure/vertigo, infertility/fertility, male serm count, poor eggs quality, IVF/IUI, hormonal imbalance, age,  etc.

Acupuncture Houston TX - West Holcombe Clinic Acupuncture Houston TX - South Shepherd Clinic
acupuncture houston tx west holcombe clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at 2431 West Holcombe, Houston, TX@ the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner. 7136665667 acupuncture houston tx south shepherd dr. clinic Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic at South Shepherd Dr., Houston, TX@ the corner of Westheimer Drive and next to the KFC. This location has been servicing Houston for more than18 years.
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The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower CornerTEL: 713-666-5667.
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Acupuncture Houston TX-South Shepherd Clinic
TEL: 713-529-8332.

Acupuncture for facial nerve pain/trigeminal neuralgia/Bell's palsy/ TMJ/sciatic  nerve pain/sciatica/shoulder pain/ headache/migraine/arthritis/high blood pressure/vertigo.



S.S.  My trigeminal neuralgia has greatly improved due to taking Chinese herbs.

It all began when I had a nerve sensitivity in my right tooth when I drank anything hot.  This lasted for about 3 months.  When I went to my dentist and told him about this, he said I needed a root canal done. 

Now this was my front, beautiful tooth which I had never had a problem with before, so I was cautious about having this done.  After another month went by, I began having so much nerve pain in that tooth and up into my nose on the right side.  I decided my dentist was right, and I agreed to have the root canal done.  It all seemed to go well, until about 2 days after the procedure when all the pain came back and more.  My dentist gave me antibiotics and a steroid in case there was an infection. 

After a week went by, the pain was still there.  He suggested another root canal and I agreed.  This again proved to not help the pain go away.  I was then recommended to an endodontist, who consulted with me, and suggested another root canal.  I agreed in hopes that this was my final answer to my pain.  Indeed, it was not.  By this time, my poor tooth was untouchable and I could not eat with it. 

I was finding it difficult to eat, wash my face, or touch it in any way.  It was like a knife in my tooth socket all the time.  I only drank through straws because I couldn’t let heat or cold touch that tooth with its sensitivity.  Next, the endodontist recommended me to have oral surgery because he thought I possibly had a bone infection.  I went along with this in hopes of getting some final relief.  This was the most painful experience I had ever had.  When it was over, my tooth was so untouchable and I had so much pain, I could hardly stand it.  I could barely eat, and washing my face caused me to cry every time. 

The dentist then said to me that it probably wasn’t a tooth problem after all.  My husband began reading up on nerve disorders in the meantime, and truly felt that I had trigeminal neuralgia.  I made an appointment with a neurologist who confirmed this diagnosis.  I was given medication called Carbatrol which I am still taking.  It has also relieved much of my facial pain.  I am taking high doses though of this medication and it includes many side effects.  My blood is drawn often to make sure that my blood does not reach certain levels.  Therefore, I do not want to take too high of a dosage and cause major problems. 

For my back pain years ago and my fatigue, I had taken Chinese herbs.  Indeed, they had helped me quite a bit to go through this pain I was dealing with at the time.  So, I decided to come to Dr. Wu for some herbs for my face. 

After using his recommended herbs for my facial pain, I felt a great improvement in the sensitivity surrounding that tooth.  I am more able to wash my face without the huge amount of pain as before, and I have more energy to endure this nerve disorder that I will have for the rest of my life. 

I am very thankful to be taking Dr. Wu’s Chinese herbs and will continue on them with the hopes of someday not taking the medicines that are not natural ingredients. 

He has also given me herbs for my hot flushes.  I was having these flushes through out the day and night, leaving me with a miserable night’s sleep even I am taking the Remifemine from my family Dr..  I no longer have this problem at night at all on his herbs.  And maybe I will have one or two during the day now, and that is it. 

This is a wonderful help to me, and these Chinese herbs have been a real answer to my prayers for my trigeminal nerve problem as well as for my hot flushes.

  Wen-Lung Wu, M.S., L. Ac., PHD as Doctor of Medicine in China
Jo-Mei Chiang, B.S. L Ac., Master of Medicine (China)

     Houston Acupuncture and Herb Clinic, Houston, TX.

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1. South Shepherd Clinic Location:
  2405 South Shepherd @ Westheimer (between Westheimer and Fairview), Houston, TX 77019.
  Tel: 713-529-8332    
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2. West Holcombe Clinic Location:
  2431 West Holcombe @Kirby (between Kirby and Fannin Street), Houston, TX77030.
The clinic is located at the corner of Kirby Drive and next to the Flower Corner. 7136665667  
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